Small Works & Postcard Art | 2 November - 31 January

Jen Altman
Susan Askey
Lucy Atherton
Fiona Armer
Alyson Barnard
Glynn Barnard
Jenny Bowden
Linda Brill
Cath Brook
Ian Brooks
Elizabeth Butler
Christine Clarke
Julie Clark
John Cook
Anna Cosslett
Paul Croft
Chris Czainski
Paul Czainski
Jacquie Denby
Janine Denby
Sheila Dewsbury
Alison Dunn
Paul Edmondson
Jude Eldridge
Paul Finn
Diana Matos Gagic
Deborah Gardener
Anna Gibson
Frank Gordon
Martin Hearne
Caroline Hewitt
Lyn Hodnett
Mike Holcroft
Rosemary Holcroft
Gavin Lavelle

Always makes me smile -
Probably the best exhibition ever!
Frances Lloyd
Sarah McDade
Mike Major
Ela Manser
Pete Marsh
Rob Miller
Leyla Murr
Anna - Mercedes Wear
Barry de More
Paul Muchan
Leyla Murr
Robert Newton
Louise Oliver
Mike Pert
Sarah Philpott
Andrea Robinson
Lisa V Robinson
Will Rogers
June Russell
Liz Salter
Margaret Shields
Nancy Stedman
Sue Strange
Malcolm Taylor
Ian Taylor
David Thomas
Dominic Vince
Drew Ward
Roo Waterhouse
Noreen White
Ken White
Elizabeth White
David Wiseman
Susan Wright
Kim Youden


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Water Street Gallery exhibits original contemporary fine art by acclaimed leading artists and up-and-coming talents.

We aim to bring quality art to a wide audience in a friendly and relaxed space, where you can enjoy our featured solo and group exhibitions and events.

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Current Exhibitions

Focusing on bringing quality original art to a wide audience in 3 friendly and relaxed gallery spaces, through comprehensive programmes of solo and themed exhibitions. Our leading gallery artists are represented throughout the year, while we also host open and community exhibitions, being committed to promoting the work of up-and-coming talents. Visit the gallery and browse for your enjoyment and inspiration, and share in our passion for the art experience.



Changing exhibition
34 Artists

7 Feb - 18 March



Glass & Ceramics
Jewellery - Bowls




New Paintings - An intriguing use of pyrography

7 February - 18 March