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Since opening Water Street Gallery 5 years ago, we have built up a striking range of artists who exhibit throughout the year in mixed, themed and solo shows. We represent established professional practitioners, while we have an eye for art graduates, and up and coming artists.
The exhibitions themselves operate as themed, solo, and group shows. We also keep a good stock of works should there be interest in a particular artist or genre.
With space in mind the gallery as a whole took a great leap forward recently with the addition of a new lower gallery which is ideal for solo shows. To quote a visitor ‘it has an atmosphere enabling me to totally focus on the marvellous work on display’. The space also lends itself to ‘Meet the Artist’ and other events. We now have three dedicated exhibiting spaces, the main gallery, lower gallery and the print / craft / gift gallery.

Exhibitions change in all three areas on a monthly basis, with the exception of our Winter Season Open running for 3 months. We also invite artists to respond to the themes such as in Summer 2014 with ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ (Inspired by the work by Hironimous Bosch) – even the window being taken over with real and imagined creatures and plants.

As artists ourselves we have a wealth of artistic knowledge and are open to discuss with customer the art, artists, and art in general, engaging in the art experience. We welcome all, whether collectors, first time buyers or browsers and the curious.

But ….to quote Georges Braque:- ’In art there is only one thing that counts; the bit that cannot be explained’

Current Exhibitions

Focusing on bringing quality original art to a wide audience in 3 friendly and relaxed gallery spaces, through comprehensive programmes of solo and themed exhibitions. Our leading gallery artists are represented throughout the year, while we also host open and community exhibitions, being committed to promoting the work of up-and-coming talents. Visit the gallery and browse for your enjoyment and inspiration, and share in our passion for the art experience.



Changing exhibition
34 Artists

7 Feb - 18 March



Glass & Ceramics
Jewellery - Bowls




New Paintings - An intriguing use of pyrography

7 February - 18 March