Archive 2015

Mike Holcroft             The Mirror Studies

28 May – 28 June 2015

Mike Holcroft’s works in oil pastel began life after a chance meetings in Paris  with Lee Krasner (artist and wife of Jackson Pollock);  with a Jackson Pollock retrospective at the Beaubourg; with Monet’s Water Lilies paintings at the Musee de l’Orangerie; and back in England an encounter with a discarded mirror.  more….

Naked Raku

28 May – 28 June 2015

Alan Ball – Juliet Blackman  -Pam Broadhurst –     John Cook – Steph Jamieson – Kay Kennedy 0          Rachel Lee  – Fiona Mazza – Eric Moss – Bryony Rich  John Scott  Carolyn Thorpe – Trudy Weir        Barbara Wood

Pushing Up Daisies

7 May – 24 May 2015

Painting, drawing, film, sculpture looking with an open mind at Death and Dying. Part of Todmorden community festival of conversations and events addressing this often overlooked area of our lives.

Lucy Atherton The Place Lives

29 April – 24 May 2015

‘The Place Lives’ reflects her whole artistic sensibility combining observation, memory and chance encounters with characters and creatures, as she moves intuitively from painting vast big skies to the tiniest, microscopic flora. Her work is full of feeling for seasons, and weather, often tinged with magical and remembered stories, sometimes uncanny, always absorbing.

Richard Wincer  Painting The Depths

29 April – 24 May 2015

“ I have lived in Yorkshire since 1990 and the surrounding landscape of the Calder Valley has inspired many of my works.  Although these paintings are abstract they are reminiscent of water and exposed moorland, which is so characteristic of this region.”

Collage and Assemblage

28 May – 28 June 2015

Spring Exhibition  Gallery Artists

28 May – 28 June 2015

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